NEWS: BruteAllies unleash “Lost Souls”, announce debut album!

…with pre-orders available here, Manchester Thrash infused Death Metallers BruteAllies have announced their signing for WormHoleDeath Records for their album “Ash & Nails” which will drop on 27th November, with a music video for “Lost Souls” accompanying the news. The album was recorded in April 2020 and produced by Ivan Panferov of Anthropocide studios, lyrically dealing with the oppressive realities of war, the raw unforgiving nature of pain, the unbearable loss of human life and the living nightmare of post-war existence. Musically “Ash & Nails” is a carefully crafted album with each song capable to stand on its own. Characterized by the contrast of aggressiveness and melody, technicality and speed, tightness and relentlessness, with a vocal deliverance to match it is a captivating album that will allow BruteAllies to make their mark.

The band comment: “We are delighted to announce that we signed a worldwide record deal with Wormholedeath / The Orchard / Wormholedeath USA and Wormholedeath Japan for the release of our debut album “ASH & NAILS” This marks a new era for the band as we worked really hard to create an album that we are really proud of musically and lyrically! We are looking forward to working with WHD Records and Carlo to make this album a success for us and WHD Records.”

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