Throwback: “Stalingrad” by Red Tape!

It seems harder to believe now than it did when it happened but for a two year stretch between 2007 and 2009 Red Tape frontman Jeff Jaworski stood in for Grady Avenell and recorded “The Hierophant“, the fourth studio album from Sacramento California’s finest Noise Metal outfit Will Haven. The styles of the two bands could not be further apart with the Punk of Red Tape getting them onto Roadrunner Records for “Radioactivist” in 2003 but there was method to the madness. Jaworski who was Jeff Irwin’s guitar tech for a couple of years had a song named after him on the bands “WHVN” record in 1999 so as a long time friend of the band, he knew everyone, how they worked and what they should sound like. So for those who forgot what Red Tape sounded like, here’s “Stalingrad“…

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