NEWS: Autism become immersed?

Darker and rawer that their previous works, “Immersion” is the first piece of new material from Lithuania’s largely instrumental four-piece post-metal act Autism since 2019’s “Have you found peace?” was released and sees Andrius Šinkūnas of Red Water provide vocals. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by their guitarist Tomhetas at Vicarious Recordings it serves as one of a handful of planned singles that will appear on their next album…

The band comment: ““Immersion” is about the struggle of anxiety and self-doubt. How these emotions and states of being can become personalized. Minimalist in its composition, it aims to create an overbearing atmosphere and communicate a sense of hopelessness within waves of anxiety and temporary relief. The addition of vocals has been crucial in achieving this goal and for this Andrius of Red Water has eagerly lent his talent.

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