NEWS: Dreamshade chase the “Lightbringers”!

Formed in Lugano, Switzerland and having toured Europe and Asia, Dreamshade have set 5th March for their next album “A Pale Blue Dot“, mixed and mastered by Danish Grammy Award nominated producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe), who also worked on Dreamshade’s “The Gift Of Life” album. The first single from the album which sees guest appearances from Darkest Hour frontman John Henry and Italian singer Rose Villain is “Lightbringers


Here’s what frontman Kevin Calì says about the song: “We’re all living a unique historical period in 2020 in which we move away from each other, keep our distances and lose touch. Everyone feels that need to return to the light and get out of this moment that makes us feel imprisoned. That’s why we decided to release “Lightbringers” as the first song. It’s a special one for us. Written and recorded during lockdown. We knew we wanted to come back to our fans with a track that could hit them hard, bringing back our very own sound from “The Gift Of Life” record and modernising it..The lyrics urge today’s generations to take care of one another and the beauty that surrounds us. It’s also an invitation for young people to reflect on the future. I believe we have a commitment to find a balance in life, to always try to improve ourselves and take care of this Pale Blue Dot.

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