Review: “Primitive Society” by Deviant

A new 5 piece French Metallic Hardcore act hailing from the capital city Paris, Deviant have dropped “Primitive Society“, an EP recorded, mixed and mastered at Headquarter Corp at Massy Palaiseau, Essone, a commune in the Southern suburbs of Paris. They formed wanting to have fun and create some music both violent and groove laden with vocalist Mathias and guitarist Killian having previously been in Metalcore outfit My Ink Leads Fools who shared stages with the likes of Wolfpack, Lionheart, FRCTRD and Crossed Hands. Their other guitarist Antonin came from Beneath a Godless Sky, a group known for their Progressive DJentisms while drummer Matthieu was in an Indie Pop outfit called Little Animal, leaving bass player Nicolas to round out the line-up…

…from the very start of the EP Deviant bring the Kublai Khan esq abrasive Metallic Hardcore riffs with a groove and swagger, the enticing opening feedback a call the the mosh pit. “Intro” has a socially and politically aware sample from the film Fight ClubAdvertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy s*** we don’t need. We’re the middle children of history, man” which sets the tone before “The Witch” goes in hard. Classic 90’s Metallic Hardcore riffs with plenty of bounce and a heavy bassline light up the track like a distress flare in the dead of night with that deeply satisfying crunch of the guitar tone. Vocally members of the band tag team each other in so that you get some shriller more screeched parts to contrast the main unclean bite. “Despot” keeps the engine running hot with some more mosh pit worthy riffs and bursts of blast beats, while a understated lead parts offer something else worthy of note, which nuance out over multiple listens. The title track brings downtempo groove moments with off kilter staccato that play on momentary silences before driving home the nails with some Sludger Southern Groove inspired by the likes of Left Behind. Ain’t no doubt that Deviant are ones to watch in 2021 [8.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. The Witch
  3. Despot
  4. Primitive Society

Primitive Society” by Deviant is out 26th November 2020

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