Track Review: “Something I Lack” from Weaponry!

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. Single track reviews are as rare as rocking horse s*** on these pages, so when there is one, it’s going to be worth your while. Reading Deftones inspired quintet Weaponry, who we’ve championed have dug deep and delivered a new single entitled “Something I Lack” which builds on the thoughts and fears of their vocalist Al Bristow: “’Something I Lack’ is my worry that I will follow in my father’s footsteps of alcoholism and addiction by trying to fill the hole he left in my life. I only saw my father a handful of times before his death from addiction, creating a cycle of suffering.” A band with diverse musical tastes and varying influences, Al Bristow and bassist Jay Rozentals are brothers through marriage and joined by father and son guitar duo Dan and Max Ashworth, while the rhythm section is held down by drummer Tim Doyle who joined in January.

Lets be clear before we start; “Something I Lack” isn’t a new song; it’s one which has been around in the bands live set for a while so we’ve already had the pleasure of it in the live arena and it’s a live favourite. What is different however is that some of the rough edges have been smoothed in the studio and the quality of the recording itself is second to none as they record at The Ranch Production House with Daly George (Creeper, Milk Teeth, Boston Manor) which gives all their songs a wonderful continuity and quality of sound. Now while the guitars maybe Deftones inspired with Max’s lead overlays adding some flair to the loosely post-hardcore sonics, but it’s Al Bristow who sounds distinctively reminiscent of another Sacramento Californian vocalist, one Grady Avenell of Will Haven. He’s got that same intensity in his vocal style and captures the emotive nature of the lyrics down with them. That styling is something he’s shown before on previous singles but somehow, perhaps due to the personal nature of the lyrics, he has managed to squeeze an extra 5-10% out of his performance. The rhythms are tight with a perfectly executed tempo shift into the crushing, all consuming raging fire of the finale is choice. Hats off to these guys; they’ve delivered a ripper of a single and the video has that edge of evil that really floats our boat [9/10]

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