Exclusive Interview: Aois Innealan talk “Colossus”!

The continued Industrial Black Metal rumblings of the South African solo project Aois Innealan have been felt like Earthquake tremors on a Global scale following the arrival of debut EP “Colossus“. So as the singles continue to appear like rain drops falling from a blackend sky, we spoke to mastermind Daniel Botha about his work…

The original concept for Aois innealan was a mixture between NIN and Rammstein however quick it evolved into something a bit more drawing from the symphonic sounds like Septicflesh. Each song thus has been different to the previous but that is the process of finding the sound I am after, though it might not be to everyone’s choice of poison. To me personally it’s tp enjoy what I do and that’s to create music regardless of what style it is… of course as long as its metal!

Some of the best moments I’ve had starting my first one man black metal project Scathanna Wept was interacting with like minded artists around the world to create something that would not have been possible post the massive injection of the internet into our everyday lives.”

The future of Aois innealan will include more home made music videos and I am planning to release a single, the latest being “Bloodstained Wings” at least every month with music videos in between and possibly recording the session of me creating tracks. As mentioned this is purely for the love of music thus and future content will be free to download on bandcamp.

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