NEWS: Dreamshade head for Shanghai!

They say never judge a book by its cover, but believe us when we say that the upcoming new album from Swiss Metallers Dreamshade is nothing like what the bands name, cover art or their photographs depict. Who’d have thought? They’ve dropped another single from their upcoming 5th March 2021 record “A Pale Blue Dot” mixed and mastered by Danish Grammy Award nominated producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe), who also worked on Dreamshade’s “The Gift Of Life” album. That single is called “Shanghai Nights“.

Frontman Kevin Calì comments: “The idea of the song came out while we were touring China last year. We’ve been there 3 times before and wanted to create a Rock’n’Roll-ish track about life on tour: The travels, the shows, the relationship with our fans and the party. The song is about that nostalgic moment we live when the tour is over and it’s time to go back home. We always feel a hole in our chest on our way back, the type of feeling you get when you leave someone you love. We sit on the plane and think about all the people we’ve met, with the awareness that what we do is not only important to us but involves an ever wider circle of people. Since part of our life is on the road we tried to capture that very essence in a poetic way to help the listener live through our experience. Me and the boys come from a very small town in southern Switzerland and traveling the World gives us experiences that we could hardly live otherwise.Really can’t wait to meet and hug all of our fans at shows like we used to do!

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