NEWS: Grimmreaper follow the “North Star”!

A third single from the March 2021 releasing “The Tragedy of Being” album from Grimmreaper is upon us on the form of “North Star“. It follows “Catastrophe of the Tragic Melancholies” and “Resent” from the nine track affair, from the solo project of Logan Grimm and once the record sees release there is th the promise of a documentary of the creation process featuring the twin personalities of the business-minded Logan and the poetic artist, Grimm. 

The drive to carry on against all odd is the theme for the single, as he explains: “You need to rekindle yourself to move forward in life. Aim toward the highest thing you can conceptualize. You will not get it right the first time, but you must have an aim. You may think of aiming yourself towards a guide in the sky, the north star. But you’re not smart enough to know where the north star is, so you’ll aim for the south because of your ignorance. This is still a good path moving forward because you have decided to move. Your aim will come more into focus as you move.

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