NEWS: Ulthima follow “Eternity” with “Tears of Fire”!

The journey of Ricardo Escobar (lead guitar) and Antonio Valdés (bass) from México to Finland in 2016 to follow their dreams of making Metal music having been inspired by bands like Children of Bodom and Kalmah has been one that we’ve followed with a keen eye. The pairing finally established a stable lineup in late 2018 with Jon Welti on rhythm guitar, Niko Sutinen on keys, Ville Nummisalo on drums and Tuomas Antila on vocals for Ulthima, who recorded their debut album last year. The second single from that is upon us via Inverse Records and we can not wait to get our teeth into the rest!

Tears of Fire marked the beginning of Ulthima as one of the first songs made for the band while we still performed in Mexico. In my mind it’s perhaps the most iconic song of the band, combining epic melodies with some more aggressive riffing.” -Ricardo Escobar (lead guitar)

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