Review: “The Watcher Of All” by Psycroptic

Hobart Tasmanian Technical Death Metal quartet Psycroptic were a highlight of Tech-Fest when they were upon UK soil in support of their album “As The Kingdom Drowns” so to have them return with an EP in “The Watcher Of All” that bridges the gap between that album and the next, which is scheduled for 2021, produced and mixed by Joe Haley and mastered by Will Putney (Thy Art Is Murder, Knocked Loose) is a really interesting move. It also serves to introduce new bassist Todd Stern who joins vocalist Jason Peppiatt alongside guitarist Joe Haley and his brother Dave on drums.

During recent albums, Psycroptic have leaned more on groove laden Death Metal with Thrasher moments, a particular feature of “As The Kingdom Drowns” and something which they do incredibly well. Across this pair of tracks there is little break from that formulation. The riffs are razor sharp and the kit performance is both mesmerising and metronomic with some distinctive Black Metal fills during the title track which Peppiatt barks over in his traditional style. “A Fragile Existence” however steals the show with some siren call like female backing vocals that during the chorus that give an ethereal quality that adds a note of Black Metal influence once more. The rest of the track is a trademarkmark Psycroptic, fast paced Technical Death Metal which sets the tone for what is to come [8/10]

Track listing

  1. The Watcher Of All
  2. A Fragile Existence

The Watcher Of All” by Psycroptic is out now and available over at bandcamp

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