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NEWS: Psycroptic return to their Origins?

Hobart, Australian Technical Death Metal stalwarts Psycroptic have announced an eighth studio album for a 5th August release via Prosthetic Records with pre-orders available over at bandcamp. Titled “Divine Council” the suggestion is that Origin vocalist Jason Keyser doesn’t just make one guest vocal appearance but several across the albums duration. That news has been accompanied

Playthrough: “Vile Veneration” from Hadal Maw!

Melbourne Australia based Death Metal heavyweights Hadal Maw introduced two new recruits in Liam Weedall of Dyssidia and Jarrod Sorbian of Départe with their new EP “Oblique Order” and let the former out on day release for a drum playthrough video for pre-release single “Vile Veneration” shot and edited by Ian Ritter. They have also announced

Review: “The Watcher Of All” by Psycroptic

Hobart Tasmanian Technical Death Metal quartet Psycroptic were a highlight of Tech-Fest when they were upon UK soil in support of their album “As The Kingdom Drowns” so to have them return with an EP in “The Watcher Of All” that bridges the gap between that album and the next, which is scheduled for 2021,

NEWS: Psycroptic seek “The Watcher Of All”!

Tomorrow will see the release of a twin track, double A side vinyl from Tasmanian Devils Psycroptic, who have had the pleasure of getting none other than the legend that is Will Putney (Body Count, Knocked Loose, Thy Art Is Murder) to master having recorded and mixed by Joe Haley at Crawlspace Productions. Entitled “The

NEWS: Psycroptic head “Beyond The Black”!

Last summer we were lucky enough to witness the Tasmanian devils that are Psycroptic on the main stage at Tech Fest. The irony that the band have dropped a music video for “Beyond The Black” from their current album “As The Kingdom Drowns” the day before their first day of this year’s postponed event is not

Review: “Continua” by Nemesium

When to comes to dark secrets, Australia still has a few untapped resources in the wilderness. One of those is Nemesium, an Extreme Metal act who released their debut EP “Sentient Cognizance” back in 2015 and have since been sharpening their blades, waiting to unleash hell in the form of “Continua“. The quintet, who comprise vocalist

Playthrough: “Behold The Bearer Of The Light” from Inferi!

Representing Australian Technical Death Metallers Psycroptic, drummer of Nashville Tennessee Technical Death Metallers Inferi Spencer Moore has recorded a playthrough video for “Behold The Bearer Of Light“. The track appears on the bands “Revenant” album and sees Moore use Byzance, Tama and Roland gear.

Documentary: Revocation on Bus Invaders!

Taking a moment before their show with Voivod, Psycroptic, Skeletal Remains and Conjurer at Reggies in Chicago Illinois on 16th September in support of their new album “The Outer Ones“, Technical Death Metallers Revocation are the latest band to fall victim to Digital Tour Bus and their “Bus Invaders” series… the album is out now

NEWS: Psycroptic “We Were The Keepers”!

One of the undoubted highlights of this summer’s incarnation of UK Tech-Fest was seeing Tasmanian Devils Psycroptic on the main stage! They’ve returned with a video for “We Were The Keepers” from their current Prosthetic Records album “As The Kingdom Drowns” having announced a massive US & Canadian your with Revocation, Conjurer, Vovoid and Skeletal