Exclusive Interview: Kwato talk “Ass To Mars”

Recorded at Warmaudio Decines in October 2020 by French Crossover Thrash act Cedric Delmas (guitars), Theo Rampont (drums), Nicolas Sonnier (vocals) aka Kwato, debut EP “Ass To Mars” landed on our laps like half a steaming hot cup of fresh coffee. We leapt to our feet, two stepped around the room and then sat down and inked a review. After things had settled down and we’d changed our underwear, we chatted with the band…

Of all the Arnold Schwarzenegger films in all the World, how did you come to fall in love with and take inspiration from “Total Recall”? What does the film mean to you? “We love Total Recall but honestly we prefer Commando!

How did you come to choose the raw guitar tone to create your Metallic Hardcore sounds? What gear you using to create it? “On this record we used a cranked Marshall JCM800 + Eyemaster + Les Paul Junior. Also compressors are for the weak!

The “Ass To Mars” EP is an interesting blend of early 2000’s era Metalcore and more current Hardcore bands like Terror and Deez Nuts. Who were your influences when it came to writing this one? “Our influences are closer to the first ones of Prong, Entombed, In Flames, Obituary, Jean-Michel Jarre, Harm’s Way. We often listen to things that have nothing to do with metal.”

If you had a choice between a slot at Hellfest and opening for Terror in Paris because they were both at the same time, which would you choose? Do you see yourselves as more of a sweaty club band or do you fancy the bigger stages and the open air? “As a thrash band, we will play where there is the most money! Honestly we would choose Hellfest to play in front of a more ‘varied’ audience.

It’s actually this writers birthday today and he’s been given a fine bottle of Equilano Rum with the engraving “Happy Birthday, the best is yet to come, at least you have no hair left to lose!” from his Brother (thanks Bro!). So if you could give your brother a gift, what would it be? “A big slap in his head

What does the future hold for Kwato? You must be itching to play some shows? “A one-way ticket to Mars ! Period is very complicated but we are working on a video-clip and 2 new dirty tracks as a bonus (maybe on a limited run K7)”

Ass To Mars” by Kwato is out now and available over at bandcamp

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