NEWS: Catercorner head to “The Other Osmium”!

Earlier this week we dropped a review of the self titled EP from Catercorner, the solo project of James Sherwin, a Southampton Metal scene veteran who blends DJent fueled guitars with elements of Mathcore, break beats and industrial soundscapes. Drawing from influences like Meshuggah, SikTh and Aphex Twin, the self titled debut EP is something that has to be heard to be believed. Here’s a brand new Lego featuring video from the project for “The Other Osmium“.

James comments about the record: “I wanted to create something that was completely unconstrained, with no preconception of what the end result might be—something uncompromising, that completely disregarded boundaries and was unafraid to visit strange places. I feel that I achieved that goal and created a pretty unique slice of metal.

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