NEWS: Wilderun reimagine “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son”!

Taking an Iron Maiden classic and putting your own spin on it is a risky business but as Boston quintet Wilderun prove with their rendition of “Seventh Son  Of A Seventh Son”, it can also be one worth taking. Having re-released their third album “Veil Of Imagination” via Century Media Records last summer, they’ve stunned us with material both beautiful and fiery.

“I originally chose this song as a cover because I felt like we could really give it the Wilderun ‘treatment’, if there is such a thing. Obviously, we are partial to longer and more epic tracks, so choosing this song just made sense. I always enjoy when bands make cover songs their own, and try to make it less discernible from their core discography than you might expect, so that’s what we attempted here. Much of the guitar work still pays homage to Maiden, but we tried to match some of the atmosphere of “Veil of Imagination” with the symphonic elements, so it feels like it belongs to that same world” states vocalist Evan Anderson Berry. 

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