Playthrough: “My Son Will No The Truth” from Cell Press!

Take a collection of seasoned musicians known for their work in The Great Sabatini, Biipiigwan, I Hate Sally and Architect and throw them into a rehearsal space. What you end up with is Cell Press, a band who create a sonic brew of a concoction that includes elements of Noise, Sludge, Grindcore and Extreme Metal. Hailing from Montreal, they gave as a potent self titled EP not so long ago and so here’s a fresh play through video from guitarist Sean Arsenian for “My Son Will No The Truth“, complete with the backstory.

“This EP sorta sums up what we’re about at this particular moment. Genre people might not be satisfied with our lack of adherence to any one sound for too long, but we didn’t make these songs for those sorts of people. This ep is designed as a broad introduction to the band, and new listeners will hopefully anticipate what else is coming down the pipe in the future. It upholds the high standards Cell Press sets for themselves and each song is quite different from the others.” says the band.

Guitarist Sean Arsenian adds: “This track is the long noise jam on the debut Cell Press EP. PQ caught the guitar tracking on video so I synced it up with the final master. At Sean Pearson’s suggestion, we built this piece by only allowing the performer to hear the prior track. In this case, I was improvising guitar noise with only the drums in the cans. Mcgee had laid down the drums only having heard a strange loop that Pearson made. we continued down that line till we’d painted some sort of insane sonic landscape. Sean Pearson later mixed it all into what you have here, and it was one of the most fun experiences in the studio with buddies I’ve had in years. I played this IO guitar made by my friend Nick Brygadyr. He makes very nice guitars. It has a pearly gates in the bridge position because I heard that’s what the guy from Cherubs uses and it sounds great. I split the signal into two amps, with a couple of pedals going into each, but kept it pretty simple. Volume plus vibration equals noise. Thanks for watching! and this is probably a journey best taken with headphones.”

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