Review: “Another Day in Helvete” by R.A.T.S

If you go to Kiev Ukraine and you’re looking to get a tattoo, Swedish Hardcore Punks R.A.T.S recommend you look up Yaroslav Yakimenko, who created the cover art for their debut EP “Another Day in Helvete“. Very much a DIY release, the quintet recorded with Dennis Bertilsson who also mixed and mastered the seven track affair with the sole aim of making you get your two step on.

Metallic Hardcore with hints at Kublai Khan influences is what you get served with opening slice of the pie that is “S***’s F***ed“, complete with those classic leads of a Slayer track in the intro. It’s the title track lyrically and a solid slab that throws down hard in the pit with blast beats and even a downtempo slowdown in pummelling style at the end. Changing their game with “B-B-B-Bulls***“, a cut that has distinctive Sick of it All, New York Hardcore Punk stylings gives us a nostalgic trip down memory lane and showcases where the bands influences are from. It still packs a Metallic Hardcore punch in places and the balance between the two styles is well struck. You could be forgiven for thinking R.A.T.S were a US or even Australian Hardcore act as there is a complete lack of any accenting here that isn’t that way inclined. First single “Fast, Fun & Full of Heart” flips the script back to the Metallic Hardcore style with razor sharp riffs and a classy breakdown before “Deep In A Ditch” takes hold. A song that could have someone’s name as the title, it’s a finger pointing vent that provides Mosh pit cathartic vibes.

Set Fire to the Fury” has a guest vocal appearance from July Salazar of Tomar Control, who’s higher pitched rantings contrast perfectly with the usual bark and bite style, giving it more of a punk feeling while also sounding like some South American genre offerings. “Saprophytes” steps away from the usual scene trappings and has a really interesting Black Metal passage at the tail end as it is loaded with Blast Beats before it fades to black, making the EP more of a diverse listening. The song title refers to a plant, fungus, or microorganism that lives on dead or decaying organic matter, however the lyrics refer to an individual in that respect, like a leech or vulture and the adaptation shows more intelligence than some Hardcore bands are given credit for. This is so much more than adrenaline fueled work out music. Last but not least is the blistering “Hunt Them” which roars out of the gate with nitro lit before flipping to a classic hip-hop beat to fade. A classic example of how to do Hardcore well, get your two step on or step back and let the masters show you how it’s done [8.5/10]

Track listing

  1. S***’s F***ed
  2. B-B-B-Bulls***
  3. Fast, Fun & Full of Heart
  4. Deep in the Ditch
  5. Set Fire to the Fury (ft. July Salazar of Tomar Control)
  6. Saprophytes
  7. Hunt Them

Another Day in Helvete” by R.A.T.S is out now and available over at bandcamp

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