Track Review: “EVLN” from Aristic!

The Experimental Metal solo-project of Niklas Runstad based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Aristic sees the multi-instrumentalist blend elements of Metalcore, Deathcore and Progressive Metal together for formulate on cohesive beast with a guest vocalist hand picked from the Underground Metal scene appearing on each track. 2019 saw debut album “Dimensions” appear with seven different vocalists making their presence felt before last year saw NO:IR frontman Sam “Evvi” Davis appear on new single “Vir4l“.

The year of the Great Plague has seen many things but only one single from Aristic, something which is about to change. Joined this time by Lukas Andersson of Zero Horizon fame for “EVLN” (short for “Evolution“), Runstad tells a story of being a parent and watching his child learn and grow. As he puts it, “at one stage in their life you are King and in another you are nothing“. Conjuring his magic we are treated to almost chiptune synths buried in the mix of Tech-Metal guitar work with progressive leanings akin to bands like Periphery and Arcaeon, creating a warm, rich melody with a razor sharp edge. Andersson impresses with a dual layered vocal, harsher elements underneath glorious cleans that are reminiscent of Post-Hardcore in style. A better advertisement for not only Aristic but also the genre as a whole you will struggle to find [8.5/10]

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