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Playthrough: “EVLN” from Aristic!

The run of singles following debut album “Dimensions” from Aristic, the one man solo project of Swedish multi instrumentalist Niklas Runstad continued in February as he was joined by Lukas Andersson, vocalist of Zero Horizon for “EVLN” (short for “Evolution“) and it’s a Progressive Tech-Metal classic. So after a music video it’s only logical that a

NEWS: Aristic return to “EVLN” for music video!

A couple of weeks back Aristic unveiled a new cut entitled “EVLN” (Evolution) which sees mastermind Niklas Runstad joined by  Lukas Andersson of Zero Horizon and we not only did a rare as rocking horse s*** track review for the single but also talked to him about his writing and recording process. But he’s not done.

Track Review: “EVLN” from Aristic!

The Experimental Metal solo-project of Niklas Runstad based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Aristic sees the multi-instrumentalist blend elements of Metalcore, Deathcore and Progressive Metal together for formulate on cohesive beast with a guest vocalist hand picked from the Underground Metal scene appearing on each track. 2019 saw debut album “Dimensions” appear with seven different vocalists making