Review: “Black Thrash Mass” by Wratheon

A mysterious solo project rising rising from the abyss in the United States of America, Wratheon is a Black Thrash Metal Monster that “takes a hard opposition on systemic oppression by detailing the need to abolish the rich, religion, and authoritarians with songs ranging from tales of real evil, triumphant war cry, nihilism, and are always drenched in black“. Originally slated for the summer of 2020, an almost 9 month delay has been an anguished wait following the first listen to “In Seance“, unveiled and then cruelly ripped away…

…The rip roaring riffs of “In Seance” blend more than just Thrash and Black Metal, with hints at both Melodic Death Metal and Death Metal itself as it gallops at breakneck speed through fields and over bridges, sword raised aloft ready to strike, Wratheon a Demon Knight on the hunt. The vocals are caustic and raspy, a dry throated forked tongue lashing that isn’t too far away from the work of Maudiir, the difference being that the riffs are more sumptuous and less raw than other Black Metal influenced offerings. “A Fire Burns” injects an organ that immediately brings to mind the cover art of “Tempo of the Damned” by Bay Area Thrash Kings Exodus while in truth the pair have very little in common aside from the breakdown moments that close off the cut with the flames reaching skyward from the raging fires of the funeral pyre. Those spitting, snarling vocals are a lethal additional to the Thrash orientation of “With Crimson Eyes“, the impassioned vocals spitting lyrics of pure hatred which have the gravity of meaning as Wratheon cries for the purge to begin. Instrumental “Life” then turns everything in its head with a beautifully tragic melody which radiates a knowledge and understanding of how everything has balance and fits together. An exquisite oil painting in light and shade, it has an aura about it that screams with accomplishment and glories yet to come. That makes way for the hateful “Unescapable Null“, with Wratheon sounding as feral as it gets. This urgent, bloody affair is one which leaves other Blackened Thrash outfits trampled into the dust, a new Demonic King has arisen with “Black Thrash Mass” has declared War on the World. Resistance is futile [9/10]

Track listing

  1. In Seance
  2. A Fire Burns
  3. With Crimson Eyes
  4. Life
  5. Unescapable Null

Black Thrash Mass” by Wratheon is out 26th March and available over at bandcamp

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