Review: “Self Titled” EP by Haze

Whether it’s a fine cloud of cigarette smoke, a mist obscuring your view or a state of mental confusion, possibly created by consumption of drugs or alcohol, we have all experienced what we thought a Haze was. Turns out we were wrong. Forming in December 2019, Magdeburg Germany Hardcore quartet Haze dropped their debut single “DéjàVu“, three months later and swiftly followed it up with their debut self titled EP, four tracks down in 6 months. Sascha (Vocals), Chris (Guitar), Justin (Bass) and Marian (Drums) have kept it simple and let their music do the talking.

That classic modem dial sound has been put to good use to bring in “Hangman“, a fine example of German Hardcore with roots in bands like Born From Pain and Hatebreed unashamedly on show. The clicky bass sound is vital while the guitar tone packs a punch, but it’s the pummelling drum sound that is really something else. Blast beats are normally a no go for Hardcore but here they are an enticing call to a circle pit as the band skillfully tempo shift with the demonstration that they know how to create powerful menacing grooves. The riffs flow straight into “DéjàVu” like they are conjoined twins with no break, while the whirlwind of percussive battery levels mountains. Stompy breakdowns are stacked high after your classic staccato riffage and it becomes abundantly clear that Haze have the what it takes and the two steppers are going to go nuts for this. The violence continues with “Throat“, that features your classic “Bleigh!” moment within downtuned slower rumblings, a track about that inner voice telling you to provide someone with something to end themselves when they persistently drag you down while you just try to survive. Single “Scum” got the music video treatment and with its moshpit friendly riffs being instantly recognisable and headbangable, it’s the perfect choice. The first backing vocals rear their ugly head on this one while the bass drive and pick slide are a classic modern touch before the final verse. Expect to hear more from Haze real soon [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Hangman
  2. DéjàVu
  3. Throat
  4. Scum

The self titled EP from Haze is out now and available here.

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