NEWS: No Hope For The Lost get “Jecht”!

No Hope For The Lost have shared a music video for the dramatic and frantic pit starter that is “Jecht” from their Final Fantasy X themed EP “The Pilgrimage” released earlier this month. A guilty pleasure of angry throat searing vocals and bouncy DJent fueled riffs, the EP needs from a band based out of Medicine Hat in Alberta Canada, you can pick it up over at bandcamp.

The band comments: “Jecht is a reimagining of a song originally written by Nate [Bohnet, Bass and Vocals] on his first solo album dubbed The Painted World. The song was originally intended to be played live in the Deadlights setlist, but after spending a lot of time in the studio with it and switching off ideas with Re, the song slowly evolved into an entirely almost new track. The intro song Braska was originally the beginning of Jecht, but once the full recording was made, it was then realized that splitting the song sections across the EP made a reprising theme throughout the short duration of the record. What really makes this song are the addition of guitar leads and synths written by Re to make it sound almost entirely different than the original, as well as the use of Nate’s massive choir-like choruses and vocal production to give it the explosive and finale-esque feel it was imagined as in the studio. Rhythm guitar-wise, this song was especially used to show off Re’s use of fast palm muting, dynamics, and various squeal and scrape based noises to transition parts while still following a template that the bass recorded by Nate really helped sound crunchy and thick in the bottom end.

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