NEWS: Soothsayer survive the “Aftermath”?

Abilene Texas is home to Metalcore quintet Soothsayer, a band who started out in 2019 with a dream and a vision for the future that would see them unleash their debut EP “Lost” in the summer of 2020. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Luke Garrigus at Blackroom Studios it was one that they could have held on to as a Great Plague took hold of humanity but following a road less traveled, they chose to forge ahead with their plans, despite the door slamming firmly shut on a the opportunity to share a stage with Combichrist, King 810 and A Killers Confession a year ago. For those not indoctrinated they’ve unveiled a music video for the EPs opening cut “Aftermath” which couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. As humanity crawls out and surveys the post apocalyptic World, we need an anthem and this is it.

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