NEWS: Aristic and Dollhide combinate forces at 5:30!

Continuing his collaborative work in a different way, Niklas Rutland aka Aristic has been quietly squirrelling away with Russian multi instrumentalist Vassili Neplokh aka Dollhide. Together they have created “5:30“, an ode to Groundhog Day where life becomes a mundane daily grind, life in ever repeating concentric circles. If you haven’t had the pleasure, “Dimensions” by Aristic is a Progressive Metalcore offering that is not highly recommend as Rutland is joined by a different vocalist on each tune.


The pair comment: “Behind the artwork, 5:30 is about living in a circle, work, eat, sleep, repeat. Our un-engaged tired faces symbolise the feeling of not having the spark in life that gets you out of a “hamster-wheel” lifestyle. The machine parts stands for hard work and the gears is a symbol of time. A grey world without any hope moving forward

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