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Exclusive Interview: Aristic talk collaborations and cover songs!

Hailing from Gothenburg in Sweden, multi instrumentalist Niklas Runstad has been releasing a steady stream of music under the moniker Aristic, solo project with guest vocalists that sees him playing in a multitude of styles from the Progressive to Metalcore and so much more. Last week saw him unveil his latest endeavour, a two track

Review: “Make Over” by Aristic

Back in September 2019 multi-instrumentalist Niklas Runstad released “Dimensions” under the moniker Aristic, a project which initially saw him joined by different vocalists from local Metal bands in Sweden. That album has seven different vocalists across eight tracks and mixes Metalcore, Deathcore and Progressive in a Witches cauldron produced by Mathias Rexius and mixed and

NEWS: Aristic and Dollhide skip 4:20 for 5:30…

A collaboration track between Swedish multi instrumentalist Aristic, Dollhide and Brazilian vocalist Patrick Horrific “5.30” is an instrumental journey of melodies combining progressive rhythms with nu-metal riffs that was released a few weeks ago everywhere and has now been given the red carpet music video treatment. If you missed it, don’t miss out and if

NEWS: Aristic and Dollhide combinate forces at 5:30!

Continuing his collaborative work in a different way, Niklas Rutland aka Aristic has been quietly squirrelling away with Russian multi instrumentalist Vassili Neplokh aka Dollhide. Together they have created “5:30“, an ode to Groundhog Day where life becomes a mundane daily grind, life in ever repeating concentric circles. If you haven’t had the pleasure, “Dimensions”