NEWS: Aristic and Dollhide skip 4:20 for 5:30…

A collaboration track between Swedish multi instrumentalist Aristic, Dollhide and Brazilian vocalist Patrick Horrific “5.30” is an instrumental journey of melodies combining progressive rhythms with nu-metal riffs that was released a few weeks ago everywhere and has now been given the red carpet music video treatment. If you missed it, don’t miss out and if you didn’t then this is a must watch!

The collaborators comments: “Imagine a life made of many constantly repeating cycles. Circles. Repetitions. You wake up too early, say 5.30 am. Coffee is not pleasant, but almost necessary. It’s Monday morning and Friday is an eternity away. The work day ia not inspiring but rather tires you out even more so when you get home, there’s no energy left to even think about change. Then it repeats for another four week days. For 48 weeks a year. For several long years. And then you kind of accept it. 5.30 is built around a loop with several recurring musical threads going through it. A reminder of negative spirals and cycles you need to break to elevate yourself and embrace change. To push the envelope. To break free.”

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