NEWS: Crawling Manifest offer you the “Right To Refrain Silence”!

If you love a no frills straight up Thrash attack then look no further than the recently released “Radical Absolution” by Crawling Manifest. They’ve chosen to create a lyric video for one of the stand out cuts in “Right To Refrain Silence” which has one of those anthemic, powerful call to action choruses “United we stand, Divided they fall”. It’s a firecracker from a band based in the heart of Maryland who have played alongside bands such as Soulfly, Soilwork and Kataklysm since their inception in 2014.

According to the band, the single, at its core, is designed to hit a nerve, as they explain further: “The song “Right to Refrain Silence,” is nothing short of a fight song against oppression, with every line pointing out the failings of our leaders. All around us we see this theme of the police departments and legislators suppressing people’s voices, and this track was a call to action against that. Like we say in the song, “Until our last breath escapes us, we’ll take our liberty.”

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