NEWS: From Dusk To Dawn unveil second single “Suffocating”!

Whether or not they’re named after our favourite Robert Rodriguez creation or not, From Dusk To Dawn are a Metalcore outfit with a growing fanbase who hail from Toulouse in France that take influence from the current wave of band in the genre including Architects, Crystal Lake and While She Sleeps. They’ve given us their second single of 2021 in “Suffocating” as they have made the collective and amicable decision to write their way out of the dark days of the Great Plague.

The band comment: “This new track addresses the theme of the anxiety-provoking hyper-mediatization tovwhich we are subjected every day. It denounces the hateful messages that overwhelm us and push us to isolate ourselves in our bubble, to become always more individualistic / egocentric. In this videoclip, we play in a smoky box that illustrates said bubble and the ambient pollution in which we live”

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