Playthrough: “Chestburst” from Hideous Divinity!

Returning to the planet of myth and legend that is “LV-426” for a concept EP that creates a fresh narrative based upon the character of Rebecca ‘Newt’ Jorden from the second Alien movie directed by James Cameron, Italian Technical Death Metallers Hideous Divinity unleashed a facehugger of an EP last month. Continuing the terror, the band have dropped a brand new five string bass playthrough of “Chestburst” performed by bassist Stefano Franceschini.

Stefano comments: “‘Chestburst’ is one of the most “in your face” songs Hideous Divinity has ever written; it’s probably also the song where the bass sticks out the most, which is always great (HA!). Seriously, I love the track, and the reason I chose it for this playthrough is that it’s Hideous Divinity at its best, being the perfect blend of aggressive riffing, harmonic minor / symmetric scales, and musical narrativity. Enjoy!”

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