Throwback: “Big Timber” by Himsa!

Formed in 1998 in Seattle Washington and taking their band name is from the Sanskrit word for “harm” or “violence“, Himsa were a Metalcore act who managed four albums over a decade long run that finished with “Summon In Thunder” in 2007, their only release for ┬áCentury Media. A quintet, they had sixteen different members during that time with bassist Derek Harn being the only original member to last the duration although for their core trio of records guitarist Kirby Charles Johnson and vocalist John Pettibone were mainstays and there is an argument that had Pettibone not had his fill of touring they might still be here today, although they have played shows in the Seattle area in 2016 and 2018, most notably Northwest Terror Fest. So our pick from them has to be “Big Timber” because the video has the band depicted as a group of…

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