Bootleg: NEKER: Noise And Hate From The Basement!

Filmed live in the studio in their native Italy by Matteo Ermeti and Gessica Ghilardi, Sludge Metal trio NEKER released an hour of power recorded and mixed by Brendan Paolini in February. Released via Time To Kill Records, it sees the band perform their debut album “Louder” in full, ahead of their sophomore album “Slower” which will appear via the label on 18th June.


  1. A Kind of Man
  2. No Faith
  3. The Worst Music
  4. All Pigs Must Die
  5. Loud and Proud
  6. City of C****
  7. Seytan
  8. Stolen Soul
  9. Breathing Is Not Enough
  10. Sleeping Memories

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