NEWS: STELL/\RIS premier “Dust of Future”!

Stellaris, stylised STELL/\RIS hail from the Czech Republic and join the growing niche of heavy end female fronted Metal acts like Butcher Babies, Jinjer and Morphide in plotting World domination. We’ve championed female vocalists in Metal for a long time and the wide-ranging vocals of the frontwoman Nicol are without question as good as any throat splitting male vocals so if there are any naysayers out there, put their sophomore single “Dust of Future” on and try and convince us otherwise. The single tells a post apocalyptic future of a World destroyed by consumer life, pollution, problems with waste or animal cruelty and with Metalcore roots it steps up with a hard hitting intensity. Currently working on an album, this and the bands previous single “Find Your Cause” can be snapped up over at bandcamp.

The band comment: “In a dust of future. That’s exactly the place where we end up if we play this dangerous game – a game with our lives, the lives of our loved ones and those whose voices cannot be heard. Consumer lifestyle, eternal greed, speciesism, arrogance or indifference to everything and everyone are just a small slices of the definition of “modern man”. But we are all in this together. It’s up to us whether we find that shard of kindness and empathy in our hearts and try to improve the world around us, or let ourselves to be swept away by the crowd and feed that destructive flame that will eventually burn everything we have ever take care of.”

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