NEWS: Omnium Gatherum are in search of their roots?

Directed by Owe Lingwall of Dreamday Media, Finnish Melodic Death Metal force Omnium Gatherum present their new single and music video “Reckoning”. The song is the second one to be lifted, lock, stock and smoking barrel from the bands upcoming album “Origin“, which will be released worldwide on 5th November 2021 via Century Media Records. The single follows previously released single “Paragon” which will also feature on the album and also has a video produced and directed by Lingwall.

‘Reckoning’ is a certain powersong or an uplifting song which we needed to rise from the depths of a past year, and it was the last song we wrote for the new album. Adult oriented death metal at its finest glory, that dark and shiny place where Def Leppard and death metal meets. Death Leppard, maybe? The music video saved a warm memory from a very hot summer day in my hometown of Kotka, where we played at the rocks of the beautiful island of Rankki. Lying on the rocks zipping cold beer and driving with the boats at the sea. Kotka isn’t that far from Miami, except geographically, haha” guitarist and clean vocalist Markus Vanhala states.

Vocalist Jukka Pelkonen comments: ”This song is clearly and absolutely about a situation where someone is really trying to mess things up and goes about doing it in secrecy. ‘A Story’ about an individual who is so messed up that he/she turns against the people who really matter. This is a certain way to ruin, yet the one doing so denies all responsibility ‘avoiding only the truth’…

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