Review: “Battering Ram” by La Nausée

Our music is about where we can place ourselves in this world, in this life. The force of nature is unparalleled. The mind is too small to grasp the whole picture. Essence precedes existence, but not for us. We are to decide our state of being and make ourselves whole. Another source of inspiration is the dichotomy between the human individual and forces such as corporate marketing, governments or media that try to influence and bias them. For this EP we teamed up with Stef Exelmans to do the mix and master and we really like the result. He did an awesome job in the past recording the latest TURPENTINE VALLEY and BEAR albums and we knew immediately that he was the man we wanted to work with. In a time where reality is hard to grip, where truth has to be found behind a wall of disinformation, where freedom is a lie and where free speech is drowned in a swamp of mind numbing ‘entertainment’, is where La Nausée has come to be, as an antidote against self suffocation, Quietism and abandonment of exploring our true self without illusion” ~ La Nausée

Who are La Nausée? They’re an In-your-face- Hardcore orientating Sludge Metal act hailing from Ghent, Belgium. Influenced by international acts Iron Monkey, Black Tusk and Deftones, with “Battering Ram” they’ve carved themselves a collection of tracks with a whirlwind of percussive battery tempo changes, fierce vocals and a variety of Metallic Hardcore riffs in 90’s Stoner Sludge Metal guitar tones that provides something of a savage beating for your ear drums. A politically and socially aware mind allows his thoughts to spill out on the page, inked in blood with cuts like “Controlled” speaking of the sheep humanity has become thanks to smart phones. There is also something of a style shift within the EP itself, the opening cuts having some 90’s almost heavy end Nu-Metal moments in them before the heavier second half that has some Max Cavalera style heavier parts; you can just see the Brazilian Grand Master headbanging to “Mass Drown” for example, a real stand out cut. “Split” sees the band continue that trend with the prominent crush of a Metallic Hardcore guitar tone and broken chord progressions that fall in the gap between Knocked Loose and Left Behind. Its chunky, abrasive and mosh pit satisfying all wrapped up in gritty raw integrity while having a sense of familiarity about it that gives it instant appeal [7.5/10]

Track listing

1. Like Coin
2. Controlled
3. Lighted by a Torche
4. Mass Drown
5. Split

Battering Ram” by La Nausée is out now via Spectral Hound Records and available over at bandcamp

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