Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Did My Time.

The last album from Bakersfield Nu-Metallers KoRn with their original like up for an eight year stretch as original guitarist Brian “Head” Welch exited stage left in 2005 only to return in 2013, “Take A Look In The Mirror” already had a relatively big single on it for fans to get their teeth into when it landed in stores. That was “Did My Time” which appeared in the closing credits of the Angelina Jolie action film “Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life” in 2003, based of course on an iconic video game franchise. Jonathan Davis was once again foiled by his record deal as he had been with “Queen of the Damned” as the song wasn’t allowed to appear on the soundtrack album itself, but that didn’t prevent it from getting nominated at the 2004 Grammy Awards for Best Metal Performance…

So to our head to head and this week we’ve chosen a pair of relative unknowns who have both caught our ear for different reasons. In the Red Corner we have Ukrainian Progressive Groove Metal band Gromadah who did their version with a claymation style video in keeping with the “Wait And Bleed” video Slipknot created in 1999 and no, we’ve got no idea what the wigs are about. In the Blue corner, if you ever wondered what KoRn would sound like with a Death Metal vocalist, we have a band in I See Ghosts who feature former members of Dying in Degrees and Bloodmasque that love dissonant chords and abuse the 7 stringed guitar like ringing a bell. Who wins? You decide!

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