NEWS: In Fear just want to “Let Them Hate”…

Unveiling their first single with new vocalist Haydn Connolly are Bristol DJentlemen In Fear. Fans won’t have to wait long to hear “Let Hate… So Long As The Fear” in the live arena for too long either with a trio of shows set for July with After Smoke Clears on the cards…

16th Gloucester, The Dick Whittington

17th London, Carved Drive

18th Stoke, The Underground

The band comment: “In Fear are proud to introduce our new vocalist Haydn Connolly. We’ve been working closely with Haydn behind the scenes now since early 2021. Following Jake’s departure we knew that it would be difficult to find someone to replace what he brought to this band. After a lot of self-reflection and through songwriting, it was clear that In Fear needed to continue to grow and evolve. While it was a difficult period for us as a group, we all shared the same vision and chose to use it as an opportunity to evolve into something greater. A new In Fear is on the horizon. We’re immensely proud of what Haydn brings to our music and can’t wait for you to hear the direction that Haydn’s vocal abilities have taken us in

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