Review: “Delete. Repeat.” by Band Of Bastards

When it comes to having roots, there aren’t may with those reaching as deep into Mother Earth as Band Of Bastards, a Hardcore Punk quartet from Austin Texas comprised of Jason Reece (Vocals), Andrew Leeper (Guitar), Sam Rich (Drums) and Erick Sanger (Bass) who you may know better as members of …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of DeadSpartaMarkovBlack BooksWe’ll Go Machete and Glass Shadows to name but a few. They chose Charles Godfrey of Scary American Recordings (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Swans, Black Angels, Cannibal Corpse) to assist them in their evil bidding as he recorded “Delete. Repeat.“, something that is being described as Hardcore Punk for lifers by lifers.

Make no mistake, Band Of Bastards is an Old School Hardcore Punk band through and through; both politically and socially aware, raising a fist of defiance as they point out society’s ills, unafraid of the consequences of telling it how it really is with reckless abandonment that building on the work of bands like Minor Threat and Bad Brains from the 80s. Sonically they make anthems that are short, fast, loud and p***ed off, tearing through cuts like “Ruined” and “Prospect” like a Dodge Charger eating up the tarmac of the open road with a raw intensity and DIY attitude, making their point while kicking down the door at the same time. The latter screams “This is not for sale!” in gang chanted group vocals that throw back to early American Hardcore as Reece talks about the rapid transformation of Austin Texas due to the arrival of Tech Giants, with the cost of living spiralling of control for those at the bottom of the ladder. Things then slow down for something that offers more swagger in “False Idols” before “Division” rips it up like Pennywise on steroids, driven, relentless and righteously p***ed. Each song engraved with meaning, fuelled by fury and wrapped in a ball of energy as the finger is pointed at righting societies wrongs and the failings of those in the seats of power to do all they should be for the common good. “Holly Roller” casts an eye at those in the church who are raking in cash with crooked smiles, telling people what they want to hear while emptying their wallets before “Dying In The Streets” brings a commentary about Police corruption leading to innocent people getting killed on the streets with well placed news samples and a driven 80’s Punk bassline of pure fuzz. “Can’t Ya Crawl” is the band at their catchiest with an ear worm of a buzz saw riff Leeper that makes you want to move; the one point of difference is closer “We’re All In This Together“, a call to arms that simply says we can do this and get through it. Band Of Bastards might not be doing anything new; but what they do they do with verve, style and panache, so we should all rally to the cause. This is music to think about as much as dance to; look around you, engage your brain and get fired up [7/10]

Track listing

1. Ruined
2. Prospect
3. False Idols
4. Division
5. Holly Roller
6. Dying In The Streets
7. Let Me Out
8. Raising Satanic Children
9. Can’t Ya Crawl
10. Stand
11. Every Day
12. We’re All In This Together

Delete. Repeat.” by Band Of Bastards is out 23rd July 2021 via Redacted Records/SilverDoor Music

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