The Black Map #170: Next Stop Olympus from Salisbury!

Making their journey down revolution road by taking the breakdowns and unclean vocals from the Gothenburg sound influenced Metalcore of 2003 and partnering them with the swagger, big solos and sing-a-long choruses of 80s Hair Metal and distilling them to create their own sound are Next Stop Olympus. Their debut EP “Heart, Mind & Hell” was released back in April and captures their passionate, energetic and sweaty live shows for they have mastered the seamless transitions between the brutal verses and clean sing-a-long choruses, skillfully avoiding the solo downs that have plagued some in the genre. But here’s the clincher. The theatrics of “Don’t Let Go” could be a glimpse into the bands future and if they decide to fully embrace that could find themselves following Ice Nine Kills down the Rabbit hole into Theatricore Wonderland.

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