Track Review: “Imprisoned” by HUMINOID

Indonesian Metallic Hardcore six piece HUMINOID have been chipping away at the scene with a pair of 3 track EPs following their evolution from a Death Metal act in 2017 through numerous line up changes while staying very much at the more brutal end of the genre. Now comprising Luky Ibrahim (Vocals), Matthias Kaunang (Guitar), Fernando Ganggali (Guitar), Mario Sarayar (Bass), Adrian Lihawa (Sampling, Programming) and Zacky Jan (Drums), the band are joined by guest vocalist Brandon Hilton from Makassar hardcore act Wajib Militer for this one, as ever recorded and mixed by their guitarist Matthias Kaunang in their hometown of Manado, North Celebes. The mastering work being handled by Madfuka Records.

For those who haven’t heard anything from HUMINOID before, they’re a band that very much wear their influences on their collective sleeves and this latest offering is no different. The Art Metal spoken word introduction part is reminiscent of 90s Hardcore classics and in particular “Punishment” by Biohazard, before building into an industrial tinged leviathan of monsterous power that leaves nothing but a trail of destruction and scorched earth behind. The riffs are a brutal hybrid of Metal and Hardcore that run along similar lines to recent works by Harms Way and Vein but it’s the lyrical themes that run on Police brutality and corruption that really hit the hardest, especially when combined with the fiercest of their vocal performances to date. There is a real fire and hatred in the delivery that takes it to the next level. It’s dirty, it’s loud, it’s punchy and aggressive, a real call to arms that makes you not only want to stand up and throw your friends around in the Mosh pit, but after the show is done, go and educate yourself as to what the hell they’re talking about [8/10]

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