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Bootleg: Huminoid at Moshpit Noise #2!

After the static camera version of this set from Indonesian Metallic Hardcore homewreckers Huminoid from their appearance at the first incarnation of Moshpit Noise, a showcase for the Independent Records Label, Record Store, Distribution, Music Publishing and Recording House otherwise known as Moshpit Records, how about the version from the pit? Transcending Death Metal to

Bootleg: Huminoid at Moshpit Noise!

Ahead of the release of their new single “Imprisoned“, Indonesian Metallic Hardcore merchants Huminoid too centre stage at the first incarnation of the Moshpit Noise, a showcase event for Moshpit Records, an Independent Records Label, Record Store, Distribution, Music Publishing and Recording House on 21st May. Filmed Rangga Mamengko here’s their set in full which

Exclusive Interview: HUMINOID talk new single “Imprisoned”!

When you see something that just ain’t right, there are many ways you can deal with it. For Indonesian Metallic Hardcore mob Huminoid rather than start protesting in the conventional sense they directed their energies into inking a new track called “Imprisoned” to spread the word as they continue to follow the likes of Harms

Track Review: “Imprisoned” by HUMINOID

Indonesian Metallic Hardcore six piece HUMINOID have been chipping away at the scene with a pair of 3 track EPs following their evolution from a Death Metal act in 2017 through numerous line up changes while staying very much at the more brutal end of the genre. Now comprising Luky Ibrahim (Vocals), Matthias Kaunang (Guitar),

Exclusive Interview: Huminoid talk writing and recording!

This week has been something of a celebration of our Indonesian Metal brothers Huminoid as the Manado based Metallic Hardcore six piece landed their self titled sophomore EP on Planet Metal with a satisfying crunch. We’ve waxed lyrical about how they started life as a Death Metal outfit before getting rid of their initial recordings

NEWS: “Self Titled” EP from Huminoid now steaming!

As we did back in October 2020 when they made their debut with EP “All Hell Broke Loose“, seven months on as Indonesian Hardcore outfit Huminoid have unveiled their sophomore, self titled release, we’ve brought you a review and an exclusive interview from them to accompany it. Both offerings have landed like the meteorite from

Exclusive Interview: Huminoid talk “Self Titled” EP!

Hailing from Manado in Indonesia, Huminoid are a six piece who caught our ears with their debut EP “All Hell Broke Loose” in October last year, a three track effort that served as the bands first wrecking ball strike at the World of Metallic Hardcore having opening transcended to the genre having started out as

Review: “Self Titled” by Huminoid

It’s been eight months since the arrival of the DIY three track EP “All Hell Broke Loose” from Indonesian Metallic Hardcore beast Huminoid and since they have had their noses firmly to the grindstone working on the follow up. Originally forming in 2017 as a Death Metal outfit they evolved citing influence in the likes

Exclusive Interview: Huminoid talk “All Hell Broke Loose”!

Indonesia. Between India and the Pacific Ocean it consists of more than 17 thousand Islands of varying size and is famous in Olympic circles for its medal haul in Weightlifting and the country’s staple food is rice. But we’re not here to talk about any of that. We’re here because after reviewing the Huminoid EP

Review: “All Hell Broke Loose” by Huminoid

Originally starting out as a Death Metal act 2017 and evolving over numerous line up changes into a Metallic Hardcore beast that isn’t afraid of boundaries or becoming fixed on a particular style are Huminoid. They cite influence in Hardcore and Metalcore of the late 90’s and early 2000’s and hailing from Manado, Indonesia the