Review: “Pride Comes Before the Crash” by Huminoid

Entering year six of their plan for World Domination, Indonesian Hardcore crew Huminoid have prepared EP “Pride Comes Before the Crash” for our listening displeasure. Originating as a Death Metal band in 2017 they have undergone a gradual evolution through years of writing and recording as well as personnel changes to create a sound closer to their influences with this record, mastered by Praditya Eka Putra at Invasion Studio the follow up to their impressive 2021 single entitled “Imprisoned”.

The mayhem begins with “+431“, a cut which screams early 2003 American Metalcore influences as the build up threatens ominously before the breakdowns start to pile up like the body count in a low budget slasher film. Laced with a sample and designed to incite mosh pit violence, it’s a stone cold winner that makes the best possible use of 103 seconds and begs for another verse, chorus and breakdown only to be denied. The short, sharp surgical grade incisions keep coming at breakneck pace with “Re:set” finding Huminoid joined by Fikri of the Bandung Mathcore band Rounder. 111 seconds of bludgeoning abrasions, cathartic screams and scattered two step moments later and might find yourself wondering exactly what hit you. Originally recorded for a compilation released via Samstrong Records in 2022, “dead/end” is a caustic mix of elements commonly found in Vein, Knocked Loose and even Jesus Piece from the current American Hardcore scene. Savage riffs, dark moments of electronic evil, samples and even a panic chord breakdown make it a stand out cut and one which could see the band crack America if they were given the opportunity by the right label.

Interlude “See Us, Crawl” is the morbid vision of a nightmare like  Paul W. S. Anderson’s 1997 Science Fiction Horror classic “Event Horizon” and would have been the ideal introduction piece here because it’s nasty. Coming out swinging after that breather, “More Breakdown to Come For” is the devastation of a nation with seismic activity inducing percussion and Metallic Hardcore riffs galore. Fleeting breakbeats and an odd time signature chaotic moment are enough to cause a brain haemorrhage before “The Brightside of Many Things…” reduces everything to dust and ash. Latif Prabowo from the Bandung screamo unit Swarm joins the party, adding Glassjaw flavours to a track that cuts melody against brutality without letting go of any of the bands roots. Magnificently done with a melancholic shoegazing moment to finish, this one stands out for all the right reasons. The growth from those early days and the “All Hell Broke Loose” demo is there for all to hear, the band now need someone to show them a little faith to take them to the next level [8/10]

Track Listing

  1. +431
  2. re:set (ft. Fikri of Rounder)
  3. dead/end
  4. See Us, Crawl
  5. More Breakdown to Come For
  6. The Brightside of Many Things… (ft. Latif Prabowo of Swarm)

Pride Comes Before the Crash” by Huminoid was released on 1st September 2023 via Volo Records and is available over at bandcamp.

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