Review: “Self Titled” by Huminoid

It’s been eight months since the arrival of the DIY three track EP “All Hell Broke Loose” from Indonesian Metallic Hardcore beast Huminoid and since they have had their noses firmly to the grindstone working on the follow up. Originally forming in 2017 as a Death Metal outfit they evolved citing influence in the likes of Code Orange, Vein and Sanction as they geared themselves up for World domination from the backstreets of Manado, their raw and urgent sound of that debut echoing bands of the genre from the late 90’s that lead to the birthing of the Metalcore genre but also bringing Pre-Deathcore leanings to the table. This time out the six piece once again recorded and mixed the tracks themselves with guitarist and vocalist Matthias Kaunang having done so on their debut, however this time around mastering was done by Madfuka Records.

The first thing that is apparent from this new release is the improvement in the quality of the recording, which takes the release out of the demo realm as the band have clearly learned their trade with that side of things. That industrial aspect they had previously is built upon for “.foratrashlikeyou” an introduction piece that provides menace and threat as a cold mechanical spoken word raises the knife before bursting into the new material proper. Bringing the big chugs and staccato riff breaks “Self Made God” is pure headbangable mosh pit friendly class, the throat shredding vocals and blast beats of the entry point slowing down for some just short of a breakdown guitar attacks that make you want to move. It sounds crisper, cleaner and darker with sinister riffs, rhythmic rumblings and tempo shifts which are accompanied by buried underpinning electronics that see the band crossing from Metallic Hardcore into territory that borders on Gloom Metal with “Nothing New“, those Vein influences shinning through the horror film aesthetic. Huminoid have legs and on this evidence they will travel; welcomed into the US Metallic Hardcore scene with open arms thanks to the kind of sonic abrasions that keep them very current indeed [8/10]

Track listing

1. “.foratrashlikeyou”
2. “Self Made God”
3. “Nothing New”

Self Titled” by Huminoid will be released on 12th May 2021 via Moshpit Records

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