Review: “Take ‘M To The Guillotine” by Cuttermess

Sometimes it takes time to get things how you want them to be. Recorded, mixed and mastered at the highly acclaimed¬†Hearse Studio¬†(Aborted, Wiegedood, Cytotoxin) by a band who feature in their ranks members and former members of no less than Octahedron, I Inside, Poseydon, Capital Scum, Roll The Dice, Los Vendettaz, Push Right Back, Aguynguerran and Panchrysia who have joined forces to create some Crossover Thrash. Cuttermess have been active since 2018 and the Belgian quintet have been hard at the grindstone trying to capture their live energy and bottle it for their debut recordings…

…Rattling the cage with “To The Guillotine” which is an aggressive Thrash cut with some Hardcore Punk leanings that sees a interesting blend of vocal stylings as they take on classic thrash lyrical themes. Politics and corruption are the name of the game and everyone is to blame, with the band happy to point the fickle finger of fate at anyone who should disagree. All they ask is for justice and provide us with a face melter of a guitar solo in Municipal Waste style finger blistering fashion to prove the point. Vocalist Kris is equally capable of offering a Death Metal growl as he is a shrill Power Metal esq shriek and it’s clear to see why the band have a live reputation. “Resort To Violence” gallops in like a Knight in Shinning Armor and bringing some groove in the riff department with it as they follow the likes of Thrasherwolf and Hazzerd in the current new wave of Thrash Metal that is developing. The solo on this one is more controlled and elongated to call the headbangers to the pit for it’s final rhythmic onslaught and chant-a-long chorus before “The Madness” surfaces. Offering up more of a Suicidal Tendencies feel the guitar work offers plenty of Pizza Thrash fun that crosses riffs into breakdowns, this one doesn’t do anything that you haven’t heard before but then it doesn’t need to because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Hear the sirens call and get into the pit with Cuttermess [7/10]

Track listing

  1. To The Guillotine
  2. Resort To Violence
  3. The Madness

Take ‘M To The Guillotine” by Cuttermess is out 26th September

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