Exclusive Interview: HUMINOID talk new single “Imprisoned”!

When you see something that just ain’t right, there are many ways you can deal with it. For Indonesian Metallic Hardcore mob Huminoid rather than start protesting in the conventional sense they directed their energies into inking a new track called “Imprisoned” to spread the word as they continue to follow the likes of Harms Way and Vein down the path to enlightenment. No need for bombs and bullets when your microphone’s a threat and the internet is the biggest PA system the World has to offer. So we got chatting to them about the new cut and here’s that conversation in full…

How have you found the reaction to “Imprisoned” so far? We would argue that it’s your fiercest cut to date! “Thank you! It’s been great actually. For sure it’s our heaviest and fiercest track to date. Some reactions are surprised because of some of the new elements we’ve added in”

There is a real art Metal vibe to the spoken word introduction part is reminiscent of 90s Hardcore classics and in particular “Punishment” by Biohazard. How much have the bands of that era influenced you? How much did 90’s Hardcore have the reach to Indonesia? “The part actually influenced a lot by Slipknot to be honest haha. But I’m glad you got a Biohazard vibes from it. We also tried to emulate 90s bands like Disembodied who use the ‘spoken’ kinda vocal style. In Indonesia 90s hardcore has become more influental in recent years, probably because of the ‘revival’ bands like Code Orange, Knocked Loose, etc. Lots of bands citing influences from acts from the 90s to early 00s. But Indonesia actually has so many great bands from that era itself; Balcony, Burgerkill, and Puppen to name a few. Go check them out”

This new cut runs on a lyrical theme about Police brutality and corruption; but there is more to that story; can you expand on that one for us? “The theme is more specific actually. About a police officer sexually assaulting an underage girl for his own lust and then imprisoning her for no reason at all. Such animal and inhumane”

How much is doing a track like “Imprisoned” about you voicing your opinion and venting your frustration about the situation and how much of it is about educating the listeners as to what is going on? “I feel like the case hasn’t been talked about a lot, and there are still so many abusers out there.  It’s a relief to actually let the anger out on the track and it’s really important for us to have this kind of platform to say what we gotta say. We gotta learn to look after each other, and also realize that this is still a huge problem in the world, even in our music scene itself”

You had Brandon Hilton from Makassar hardcore act Wajib Militer lend his throat on this one. How did the collaboration come about? What was it like working with him? “So the story behind the feature was kinda funny and sad at the same time haha. Brandon actually visited us here before to do a guest vocal for our last show ever before all go lockdown. But eventually, the show was cancelled and he’s unable to do a guest vocal live. So when we were recording ‘Imprisoned’, we kinda toyed around with this idea of having him in a new track. Send him the track, add some lyrics to it, and nail the part like a god. Feels great to be working with him. And plus he’s actually a really sick drummer”

If Brandon wasn’t able to reprise his role on the track in the live arena, who would you like to bring on stage with you to do that? “I feel like our vocalist Luky could nail the part as well haha. He’s a sick vocalist too and has his own kind of style. But for sure, the first show after lockdown here, we’ll drag Brandon ass up here to sing those parts haha”

After a pair of well received EPs and this single, what’s next for HUMINOID? “We are gonna be writing an EP worth of material. It’s gonna be more focused, precise, and heavier for sure. Can’t wait to finish it and share it to the world!”

You can find the discography of Huminoid over at bandcamp.

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