Documentary: Weaponry “Forever Nothing” Studio Diary Day #2!

Blindly following Weaponry as they look to find something they lack with they help of producer Daly George (Creeper, Milk Teeth, Boston Manor) at The Ranch Production House, the same place that Irish Hardcore band Bailer recorded their 12th November releasing “Disposable Youth” record, day two starts with Drummer Tim Doyle tracking “My Name Is Glory“. On the sofa behind the mixing desk vocalist Al Bristow confirms that the song has no Religious connotations and is instead lyrically about people who sat on the sofa and did nothing during the Global Pandemic being winners and not needing to get depressed because they weren’t writing a best selling novel or volunteering for the NHS but we’re doing exactly what was needed at the time. The fills are more technical on the newer cuts and it’s interesting to hear Daly encouraging Tim to tighten things up while offering constructive criticism that only serves to improve the following take.

After a bite of lunch (last night’s Pizza cold for Daly) we get into the drum tracking for the final track “Please Enjoy The Show“, a insight into the awkwardness you might feel when a band you’ve never heard of tries and fails in incite movement from an audience from both the audience and band perspective. While Tim plays the drum parts in the recording room, vocalist Al Bristow plays the guitar parts to make sure that the click track is at the correct tempo while also cross referencing the original demo. They wrote the new material as a group in sessions in their rehearsal space at Pirate Rehearsal Rooms in Reading, a go place for local waifs and strays. Lead guitarist Max Ashworth tabbed out the guitar parts for Al Bristow to learn before both made changes to various sections before the final edit. The guitars are tuned in Drop C (CGCFAD) and both Ibanez Gio models loaded with Ernie Ball strings, Seymour Duncan pickups and Evertune bridges and yes, those strings have been changed prior to the recording so they sound mint.

As the banter flows and Daly works on the drum edits talk turns to upcoming shows. The band will be playing Rabidfest at The Bullingdon in Oxford in November, sharing the stage with Northern Deathcore brutes Osiah, Thrash Metal legends Diamond Head and bringers of the mosh Siderian but they believe that “My Name Is Glory” won’t make the live set before Reading Rising Festival in December. All the other tracks have been performed live in various guises as the band have formed the habit of working out what works best and changing parts based on what works well in the show as putting on the best live show possible is a priority for Weaponry. That and the fact that in Oxford they will get 25 minutes for Al Bristow to roll around on the floor in a sweaty mess before the plug gets pulled and won’t have a show to play the cut before then.

…Blindly follow Weaponry…

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