NEWS: An Unction in Braille are just an Inch from Death…

Taking their name from “The blessing of a dying person one must feel to understand” Western Massachusetts Melodic Deathcore quintet An Unction in Braille have unveiled the second single in “An Inch From Death” from their debut EP “The Wordless Whisper“. Like many it has suffered a full year of waiting through through the Global pandemic to be revealed but hopefully they haven’t had to ensure “Careless Whisper” by George Michael on repeat for the duration. Said to be strongly influenced by themes of death and loss has a date on its gravestone of 29th October 2021 for release with pre-orders available here.

“As one of our first AND favorite songs written, we wanted to create something we believed in. After all, we live An iNch From Death”  says vocalist Josh about the single.

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