Riff Police! Pull Over! #161: Sodom Vs Ouija!

Having been absent without leave since the beginning of July it’s time we resurrected and reanimated the corpse of our Riff Police feature and brought it back to life with something wicked. Back in April, Spanish Cult Black Metal outfit Ouija made their return with a three track offering titled “Selenophile Impia“, their first new music since 2013. While reviewing that vicious 20 minute affair something stood out like a sore thumb but not being able to place it (or sleep), we found ourselves listening to a number of bands that they held a loft as influences. The answer to the mystery is that in the latter half of the pure evil that is “Kerberos… Like Hell Dogs”, Ouija have unwittingly recreated the riffs of “Outbreak of Evil” from the Sodom classic “In the Sign of Evil“. At first we thought it was just the distorted snarled sounds but the more you listen…

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