NEWS: Alase premier “Unburden”!

A band who have been unveiling regular single tracks to keep themselves in the limelight, Alase are an outfit who do not stick to traditional genre rules but instead focus on melody and atmosphere to create something that cuts between Progressive and Post Metal. The Finnish band have once again enlisted the help of guest vocalist Juha Tretjakov of Melodic Death Metallers Vansidian for their latest burnt offering “Unburden“ that sees them switch lyrical language…

Guitarist Janne Lunnas talks about the language change: “Unburden is our second song in English. It is important for us that the listener is able to understand what we want to say. For our previous four songs we provided English translations of the lyrics so basically it was already a step towards this change. It is also refreshing for us to work on songs with another language. Lyrics have always been an essential part of Alase.”

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