NEWS: Erra and Spiritbox join forces!

Having never had a guest join them at any point in the past decade, Birmingham Alabama’s Erra have unveiled an updated version of “Vanish Canvas” that sees them joined by Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox as both a music video and in all the usual outlets. The original version of the cut that appears on their self titled album and will no doubt see be in the set when the band head over to Europe in February with Dayseeker, Brand Of Sacrifice and Hollow Front

LaPlante herself explained how the collaboration came about: “JT asked me to sing on this song, and I would have been honoured and excited no matter what song they had chosen for me. He sent me an unassuming mp3 to listen to titled ‘Karlsruhe’ and I was so excited when I pushed play that it turned out to be my favorite ERRA song, ‘Vanish Canvas‘, and the part they asked me to sing happened to be my favorite moment on the record

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