Interview: Erra on TrueShot guest spot!

Birmingham Alabama Technical Progressive Metalcore outfit Erra have let vocalist JT Cavey take a moment away from their rehearsals for Furnace Fest to chat with TrueShot about their freshly released self titled album, their first since leaving Sumerian Records for new label home UNFD. Guitarist Jesse Cash has finished tabbing both “Neon” and the new

NEWS: Hacktivist escape from The Matrix?

The third single from the upcoming 18th June sophomore album “Hyperdialect” from Milton Keynes DJentlemen Hacktivist has broken free from The Matrix. Given the name “Reprogram“, it follows “Planet Zero” and “Armoured Core” from the UNFD signings with the album seeing guest appearances from rapper Kid Bookie and former Betraying The Martyrs throat splitter Aaron

Documentary: Behind The Scenes with Erra #4!

Six weeks after the release of their self titled fifth studio album and first since changing label home from Sumerian Records to UNFD, Birmingham Alabama Technical Progressive Metalcore act Erra have given us the fourth episode of their making of series. In this one they talk about how playing the material live affects their recording

NEWS: Vatican sign with UNFD, unveil “Become A New God”!

Replacing a vocalist is never a straightforward task especially as they’re often seen as the focal point of any band, especially after a release that gets plenty of attention and praise. But for Savannah’s Vatican, it was a necessary evil after 2019’s full-length “Sole Impulse” especially as major label UNFD (Stray From The Path, Void Of

Documentary: Behind The Scenes with Erra #3!

This third episode in an interview series that sees Birmingham Alabama Technical Progressive Metalcore act Erra chat about their freshly released self titled record sees them talk about how they wanted to make something that stands apart from their previous work with, a fresh record rather than a sequel. Talking about pushing themselves further and

Playthrough: “Second Death” from Stray From The Path!

The second drum playthrough in quick succession sees former Architects drum tech turned Stray From The Path drummer Craig Reynolds put the pedal to the metal for a live rehearsal of “Second Death“. Should things go according to plan, he’ll be flying over the pond and heading out to Worchester for a “For One Night

NEWS: Drown This City issue “New Burn Order”!

After the huge success of 2019’s “Alpha Survivor“, DJent fueled Australians Drown This City have announced Toby Thomas (Misery Guts, ex-Âme Noire) as their new bassist with new single “New Burn Order” upon which he also delivers some unclean vocals. The track appears via the bands label home UNFD with the quintet set to join

NEWS: Crossfaith enter the “RedZone”!

2020 would have seen Japanese Metallers Crossfaith marching across Europe but instead they have spend the time in the studio. A new EP in “Species“, a remix EP in “Kids Still Want A New Acid” and a clutch of singles including “Dead or Alive” which dropped in February. So what do they have to offer

Documentary: Behind The Scenes with Erra #2!

Curiously this second episode from the recording of the now week old self titled album from Erra is labeled episode #3 and episode #3 but either way, the creative process that the band underwent for the record gets deep dived with each member of the Birmingham Alabama Technical Progressive Metalcore act talking about how it

Interview: Hacktivist chat to Infected Rain!

In something of a rare adventure outside of the usual hunting grounds, Infected Rain frontwoman Lena Scissorhands chats to Hactivist co-vocalist J Hurley in the latest episode of her Party Time Excellent series and she doesn’t pull any punches with the questions, including ones about the bands former guitarist Timfy James as well as Hurley’s