Vs Tuesday Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Thornhill.

Still residing in The Dark Pool are Australian Progressive Metalcore act Thornhill, who unveiled their debut album in October 2019 and toured the Globe without looking back. During the Pandemic, vocalist Jacob Charlton lent this throat to “Year Of The Rat” from the re-imagined “Hyperdaze” album from friends in Void Of Vision, while a wealth

Playthrough: “110 Minutes” from Sleep Waker!

As the 23rd July and their debut for major label UNFD “Alias” is in its final preparations, Sleep Waker have returned to single “110 Minutes” for a guitar and bass playthrough video. Known for their mix of the brutal and the brilliant the Michigan Nu-Metalcore outfit will be crossing the great divide for a run

NEWS: “110 Minutes” from Sleep Waker!

Next month is going to see the highly anticipated new album from Grand Rapids Michigan Nu-Metalcore merchants Sleep Waker, their first with UNFD. “Alias” will appear on 23rd July with the latest single “110 Minutes” giving us another welcome taste of what is to come. September will then seem join Bodysnatcher, Signs of the Swarm and

Review: “Colours We Won’t Know” by Drown This City

After the huge success of their 2019 EP “Alpha // Survivor” Melbourne Australian DJent fueled Metalcore outfit Drown This City announced the arrival of new bassist and vocalist in Toby Thomas (Misery Guts, ex-Âme Noire) for this third release that judging by the singles that have preseded it see the band at their heaviest. The

Playthrough: “Distance” from Sleep Waker!

Following the news that Sleep Waker had signed to UNFD for their upcoming record “Alias“, the Grand Rapids Michigan Nu-Metalcore merchants new label home must be rubbing their hands together as the trio of singles that are set to appear on the record in “Distance“, “Skin” and “Melatonin” have crossed the 1 million Spotify streams

NEWS: Drown This City let the colours run…

Preparing for Full Tilt Melbourne, Alpha Survivors Drown This City have thrown out the baby with the bathwater and given us a music video for “Carbon14” from their tomorrow, 28th May releasing EP “Colours We Won’t Know“. It’s the third single from the UNFD Records drop with the previous two “New Burn Order” and “Borderline

NEWS: Sleep Waker travel the distance…

The end of last summer saw the announcement that Grand Rapids Michigan Nu-Metalcore merchants Sleep Waker were set to join the “Yokai” headlining European tour trek with Bodysnatcher and Signs Of The Swarm annihilating the venues with Within Destruction as they headline their Japanese culture themed album. That tour is yet to happen and so after a period of quiet and

NEWS: Northlane announce acoustic EP with “Rift”!

Recorded all by vocalist Marcus Bridge during lockdown in Melbourne, Northlane are set to unveil an acoustic EP “2D” which features the most emotional cuts from the last album “Alien“, rediscovered in the most raw of formats. It’s accompanied by some stunning artwork from Ella Baudinet. That will be available alongside their remix EP “5G”

Interview: Erra on TrueShot guest spot!

Birmingham Alabama Technical Progressive Metalcore outfit Erra have let vocalist JT Cavey take a moment away from their rehearsals for Furnace Fest to chat with TrueShot about their freshly released self titled album, their first since leaving Sumerian Records for new label home UNFD. Guitarist Jesse Cash has finished tabbing both “Neon” and the new

NEWS: Hacktivist escape from The Matrix?

The third single from the upcoming 18th June sophomore album “Hyperdialect” from Milton Keynes DJentlemen Hacktivist has broken free from The Matrix. Given the name “Reprogram“, it follows “Planet Zero” and “Armoured Core” from the UNFD signings with the album seeing guest appearances from rapper Kid Bookie and former Betraying The Martyrs throat splitter Aaron